How to Make a Buyer Fall in Love with Your Home

In today’s home selling market it helps to have a competitive edge.

Your home needs to stand out not only in the buyer’s mind; it must somehow touch an emotional cord. It must make them feel that they want to call home.

Buyers are looking for a house that they can make into their home.

They need to fall in love. To fall in love they must be attracted to the house.

Houses are made of sticks and stones. They are not personal.

Homes are made of people, memories and emotions. They are very personal.

That’s why it is so important to prepare your house to sell. It involves

      1. giving the buyers the opportunity to create their own vision about how they could live  in the house by depersonalizing the house

      2. making the rooms look larger

      3. making the buyer feel confident about the condition of the house.

The more effort you put into the preparation, the more it will pay off.

Depersonalizing the house involves having a minimum number of personal items displayed on walls and tables. This “minimalization “allows a buyer to feel more at home rather than feeling as if they are intruding. When “less is more” it is easier for buyers to visually and emotionally place their own possessions in the house.

Today’s buyers have so many choices they know they can expect more for their money.

They want to feel that they are getting as much house as possible for their money.

Making a house feel larger can be accomplished by creating an uncluttered, open environment... Rooms that are stuffed with furniture do not feel cozy to the buyer. They feel smaller.

Dark walls, although in vogue, can also make a room feel smaller.

If there is no open wall space and floor space,the house will feel smaller.

Buyers expect a home and property in well maintained condition. No ifs, ands or buts. They expect roofs to be in good condition, air-conditioners to be properly functioning and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing to be in good working condition. In most cases they expect warranties.

Buyers want to feel secure in their home. They want to feel secure their purchase.

Home buyers today have the stress of getting a loan. They do not want the stress of worrying that they will have unexpected expenses after they move into the house.

And especially in Fountain Hills, home buyers want a feeling of open space. They want to see the outside from the inside.

To sell your home today you will need to romance the buyer.