How to Buy the Right House for You!

How to Find the Right House

How to Buy the Right House!!!

If you really think about it houses are nothing more than different shaped boxes connected in various configurations. But the ways in which they are connected affects how they function for you when you live there. How you use your house defines your Lifestyle. Less obvious and harder to define is what you need from the house. That’s because it is about emotion. The feeling you get from the house often outweighs your practical lifestyle needs and influences your final decision.

Buy only on emotion and you can be making a BIG mistake.

Avoid buying the wrong house.

When you are ready to move, use these questions to help you discover

what you needand what is most important to you.

Answer the questions below for yourself . The answers can help you define what your lifestyle is like and what you should be looking for. They will help you connect the boxes for your needs, wants and wishes. Buying the wrong house can be very expensive.
  • How long to you plan to stay in this new home?

  • How will living here improve your life?

What is right for you?
  1. Do you like to cook?

  2. Do you eat together as a family?

  3. Where does your family tend to gather?

  4. Is your bedroom a place to sleep? Or relax & read? Watch TV?

  5. Do you spend a lot of time in the master bathroom? Is your master bathroom just functional or do you use it as a retreat?

  6. Do you like to exercise?

  7. In which room do you watch TV?

  8. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? What outdoor activities do you do?

  9. Do you like to entertain?

  10. When you entertain where do you gather? Indoors? In what part of the house?

  11. Outdoors? Would you spend time in the water?

  12. If you have children would you like to be able to watch your children while they are on the computer?

  13. Where do you keep your linens and bedding?

  14. How much storage space do you need?

  15. Where do you work on your computer?

  16. Do you like wide open spaces or small intimate areas?

  17. Do you prefer natural light or darker surroundings?

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