Seeing Your Home from the Buyers Point of View

Home buyers look at a house, assess what they would be getting for their money, and decide if it's worth the asking price. Here's a quick list that will help you see the hidden influences that buyers use when looking to buy your home.

3 Key Elements that Influence What a Buyer is Willing to Pay
  • Emotion plays a key part in the choice of a home. Buyers purchase a house that feels right for them.
    • Some people feel better in darker painted rooms. Others feel better in .open, bright rooms.
  • Price You may love your purple bedroom. It cost you extra to add the new designer hint of metallic. But the buyer sees an additional cost to paint it. They don’t want a purple bedroom. To them the house is worth less
  • Location has the highest monetary value. The house on top of a hill has more value than the same house that backs up to a heavily traveled road.
Other contributing factors that determine value in the buyer’s mind:
  • size,
  • layout,
  • condition,
  • amenities (both inside and outside),
  • age,
  • lot size
  • landscaping / outdoor living
If some elements are missing, they will move on to look at another house.

When the house hunters find the house that has all elements that are most important to them they will weigh the value and make an offer.

Erica knows the value of Fountain Hills homes.

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