• Erica West

The Downsizing Market

According to Trulia, households headed by seniors are delaying downsizing.

In part seniors are working longer, a result of the recession. Many others have had adult children return home.

Also we are living longer and healthier. The average age of seniors who move into assisted living has increased by ten years, from septuagenarians to octogenarians.

The ability of seniors to live better, in a home that is less work, less money and offers more freedom, depends on the availability of homes to downsize into. Currently there are 25 small single family homes between $300,000 and $400,000 for sale in Fountain Hills. A few are patio homes, which are small and easy to care for.

Can you buy a smaller home while still owning your bigger home? The answer is yes!

It takes some planning, but there are options to accomplish it. It is way less stressful to have the new house first before you sell your current home.

If you are exploring the idea simply call me and we can plan a strategy together.

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